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Privileged Access Security

Privileged Account Management Suite

Osirium is the leading, award-winning innovator in privileged access management.

Privileged Access Management
PxM Platform

Osirium’s PxM Platform is comprised of four core modules designed to make the execution of privileged tasks and DevOps faster and more secure than ever before – offering complete end-to-end accountability and audit trail of precisely who did what, where and when.

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Privileged Process Automation

In any IT infrastructure, there are many tasks and processes that benefit from automation. Most of these tasks need privilege elevation to run. Therefore they need privileged credentials such as usernames/passwords or API keys. Uncontrolled access to privileges is a risk your business doesn’t need. Opus wraps these tasks and processes into safe and interactive workflows with simple options for CMDB integrations and escalation.

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Privileged Endpoint Management

Osirium’s Privileged Endpoint Management (PEM) allows organisations to remove local administrator rights from users, while at the same time enabling the same users to have escalated privileges only for specific processes and executables. The balance tips back towards productivity while increasing the organisation’s security posture.

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Gartner report

Gartner: Best Practices for Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is more than just selecting the right tools, and Gartner has identified four key pillars for PAM success. Find out more in this complimentary report by Gartner.

For Identity and Access Managers
Moving beyond identity management to protect and manage administrator accounts

Identity and access management is only the start of protecting powerful system or administrator accounts. Identity proves the "who" but PAM determines the "what" - what systems, what permissions, and what access the user has. These permissions may be for short periods of time for thrid-parties and temporary staff or they may be an application to application integration.

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For Auditors
Privilege management is a key enabler for auditors and compliance officers

Auditors need visibility and simplicity of control. The PxM Platform separates users from the privileged accounts to provide that control and prevent credentials passing across the network or onto user's workstations.

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For IT Service Desk Leaders
Service Management tools are missing a vital link

IT help desk tools may automate change request workflows and approvals but fall short when implementing actual changes. Opus automates those high-value operations that help desks perform many times per day, enabling more junior staff to complete tasks without disrupting senior experts.

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For Endpoint Managers
Remove local administrator rights

Most organisations are moving to a "least privilege" model - remove as many elevated permissions from users as possible to reduce the potential attack surface and the chance of lateral movement of an attack. The risk is that removing permissions impacts end-user productivity. With endpoint privilege management end-users can run applications with elevated permissions where needed without having more permissions than they need.

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For Security Professionals
Protecting privileged accounts is the foundation for all security strategies

Protecting valuable system and administrator accounts has to be job #1 in every security strategy. That needs much more than having a simple shared password vault. A rounded solution for privileged accounts includes task automation, session management and even behavioural analytics.

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For IT Operations Leaders
Security systems have to be easy to deploy *and manage* to be effective

Traditional PAM tools have had significant infrastructure dependencies and consumed operations staff time to keep up to date and running efficiently. As a result, the tools aren't being deployed across the whole organisation, updates are delayed and the enterprise is vulnerable to attack. Osirium's PXM Platform is designed to be easy to deploy and manage. IT Operations teams can focus on their business, not keeping the tools running.

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