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Editing or Removing a Policies

The PEM Edit Policy task allows you to edit or remove any existing policy.

1. If you want to edit or remove a policy browse to the Opus interface, log in and locate the PEM Edit Policy task. Click Start.

Edit Task

2. You'll need to allow the task to use your password to access user information from the domain controller. Click Allow.

3. Enter a username or group for which the policy will be edited or removed. Click Submit.  

4. Select the correct users and groups from the table provided. Click Submit Rows.  

5. Select the correct policy you want to edit or delete from the table. Click Submit Rows.  

6. Finally, select an option from the dropdown menu and click Submit.

For the process name, hash and author as well as the policy action you'll see the current option applied to the policy in the dropdown menu.

  • Modify the Scope - Change the users/groups for which the policy applies.
  • Change Process Name - Change the process name for which the policy applies.
  • Change Process Hash - Change the process hash for which the policy applies.
  • Change Process Author - Change the process author for which the policy applies.
  • Change Policy Action - Change the policy action from to Allow, Deny or Warn.
  • Delete Policy.
  • Finish - Select Finish when you've finished making changes to your policy.  

For each option, you'll be presented with steps indentical to the ones found when creating a new policy, simply fill out the fields with the correct information. When you're finished making changes to the policy, select the 'Finish' option.