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PEM Mode Configuration

The Configure Operating Mode task allows you to choose between running PEM in Permissive Warning or Explicit Admin mode.

1. To run this task you'll need to browse to your Opus interface, log in and locate the PEM Mode Configuration task, there's a search bar located in the top right hand corner of the tasks dashboard to help you find the task. Click Start.

Mode Task

2. You'll need to allow the task to use your password to access user information from the domain controller. Click Allow.

3. You'll be shown a confirmation of the mode PEM is currently set to and asked if you'd like to change PEM operation mode. Click Yes if you want to continue.


If this is your first time running the task you'll instead be asked to confirm you'd like to set an operating mode, then be shown a dropdown menu to select Permissive Warning or Explicit Admin.

4. You'll be asked to confirm your choice before continuing. Click Confirm if you are happy with your choice.

5. You've now completed your PEM mode configuration.


New policies are communicated to the client via the Domain Controller and typically take 15 to 90 minutes to refresh. To force the process, either use the Refresh option in the Deny dialog on the client machine or open up Windows Command Prompt and run gpupdate /force.