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Responding to a Request for Offline Access

The PEM Offline Authorisation task allows you to respond to a user's request for offline access.

In cases where a user is not connected to the corporate network but needs immediate authorisation to install or run a process as administrator that has not been previously allowed by policy they can request an administrator for offline authorisation.

If offline authorisation is required, users should contact an administrator and pass on to them an Offline Code, which the user will see whenever trying to elevate an unpermitted process.

Deny Dialog

1. To grant this user offline authorisation, you should browse to the Opus interface, log in and locate the PEM Offline Authorisation task.  Click Start.

Offline Task

2. You'll need to allow the task to use your password to access user information from the domain controller. Click Allow

3. Search for the requesting user and click Submit.  

4. Select the correct user from the list and select Submit Rows

5. Enter the 4 digit Offline Authorisation Code provided to you by the user.

6. You'll be provided with a Response Code to communicate to the user. They can then enter the response code and the process will execute as if an Allow policy is in place. If the user enters the response code incorrectly, they will have to wait 5 seconds before re-entering the code. Once a response code is generated it can then be used multiple times for the same process within a given time period, usually for at least 2 hours.