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Release notes

v1.0-beta0 (internal)

Please note: This version includes a breaking change (no backward compatibility). When upgrading, all components must be upgraded (PEM Server, Opus tasks and PEM Client).

Bug Fixes

  • 343 PEM Server timeouts

  • 382 PEM Client only supports path < 260 characters

  • 381 PEM Client fails if windows can't locate program

  • 339 Setup task: no error message when wrong PEM server entered


  • 369 Opus tasks: inconsistent spelling of Opus

  • 273 Improve wording and usability of PEM Opus tasks


  • 316 Use tag based versioning

  • 298 Host documentation

  • 337 Configure PEM server with environment variables only

  • 321 Sign OVA file

  • 322 API versioning

v1.0-alpha0 (internal)

Initial internal release