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Responding to Requests for Policies

When a user makes a request, a Create New Policy task will be initiated in Opus, pre-populated with the requested process, taking administrators directly to the selection of properties they want PEM to use to match that process to a policy. From that point, the process is identical to the steps detailed in Creating New Policies.

We recommend integrating your existing ticketing system into the Opus PEM tasks,in this case tickets could simply include a link to the specific pre-populated running task.

In the absence of an integrated ticketing system, responding to requests remains a simple process. Browse to your Opus interface and log in, in the tasks dashboard you'll see a Running Tasks notification. Click this notification and you'll be taken to a list of running tasks.

Select a running PEM Policy Creator task and click Attach to complete the pre-populated task.

Running Tasks

Running Tasks List

The pre-populated task will also include a rationale field with the reasoning given by the requesting user for needing to elevate this process.