Privileged Session Management

Osirium's Privileged Session Management enables Security and Compliance Managers to record, store and playback any privileged activities that take place across hybrid-cloud infrastructures.

Session Manager not only ensures full accountability and visibility for meeting compliance mandates, but also acts as a unique deterrent against SysAdmin malpractice by providing irrefutable evidence of privileged activities.

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Feature Highlights

Privileged Session Recording

Session Recording

All SysAdmin sessions passing through Osirium can be recorded.

A visual capture allows a video style playback of each session (including a fast play mode) along with a thumbnail view to allow fast review of sessions.

Session Shadowing

All SysAdmin sessions passing through Osirium can be viewed in in real-time.

This allows all admin activities, including 3rd party service providers, to be monitored as it happens.

Granular Control

Session recording schedules can be managed through a choice of policies.

These are based on access profiles, groups of users and groups of devices.

Osirium's Recording Admin Tools

Recording of Local Admin Tools

Osirium launches and records the active session of the native management tool regularly used on their workstations.

So no browsers plug-ins are required, or tunneling of protocols to manage devices.

Osirium Keystroke Capture

Keystroke Capture

As well as a visual recording of a session, all keystrokes are captured.

Subsequently enables the search and find facility to identify particular keystrokes during each session.

Search by Meta Information

Search by other Meta Information

The Device Access Report can search by a wide range of criteria.

This includes date/time, user, device, access level, protocol and even the Window Titles as well.

Session Thumbnail View

Thumbnail View

Thumbnail view enables auditors to review recordings and quickly find potentially ‘interesting’ activities.

Recordings can then be played back in full video mode to see the precise details, and in context.

Misuse Deterrent

Misuse Deterrent

Osirium can optionally alert all privileged users that their admin sessions are being recorded.

This is typically the most effective deterrent of privileged abuse.

Osirium Session Recording

The Red Box

When a SysAdmin session is being recorded, a Red Box appears around the session window and provides a very clear warning to the user that they are being recorded or monitored in real-time.

Optionally, this red box feature can be disabled, so the user is not aware whether or not session recording is currently active or not.


One of the primary reasons for deploying session recording is as a security mechanism and deterrent of privileged user abuse.

Osirium provides CCTV-like recordings to gather evidence for use with HR personnel or in court.

Change Management / History

Osirium’s Session Recorder can act as an irrefutable change control record of what changes actually occurred on the infrastructure

As opposed to what the SysAdmin thought might have happened during their time on a device.

Faster Error Remediation

Recordings can provide valuable insights as to why and when there was a misconfiguration of a device.

It allows changes to be investigated and provides faster remediation back to a stable and working environment.