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Privileged Task Management

Delegate the task, not the privilege

The Osirium implementation of Privileged Task Automation (also known as Robotic Process Automation) is a major contribution to Cybersecurity. It breaks the link between people and privileges and avoids the whole human error issues in the first place.It’s also a major driver of business efficiency, whether used for IT infrastructure or front-line business processes.

In essence, out-of-the-box it delivers single click and input sanitised tasks for hundreds of common systems, devices and applications.  These tasks can be used as building blocks and examples for your SysAdmins and DevOps to craft tasks that match your workflow and your business.   This, of course, is where the real ROI happens, with customers showing time savings of 99.7% over manual operation.  If one adds time wasted through human error the contribution is significant.

Privileged Task Automation (RPA) is about moving tasks to the part of the business that needs them most.  It’s about ‘First Call Resolution’ which improves customer satisfaction and reduces business cost.  PTM frees up those that can by enabling those that should.

What is PTM?
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This video demonstrates how PxM Platform’s Privileged Task Management enables the automation or delegation of common tasks across multi-vendor infrastructures, including devices, servers and applications.

Launch Video

Launch video

Main Features

Delegate Pre-Packaged Tasks

Task Delegation

With the PxM Platform, any infrastructure or business process can be packaged up as a task allowing for risk-free delegation to 3rd parties or untrained staff. Tasks can also be run without granting any user privileged access to devices. With a single click, perform actions with a set of predefined inputs and controls - no elevated login credentials or insecure and unaccountable access to privileged accounts required. Or run tasks automatically - the platform allows for timed execution in accordance with user-defined schedules

File Uploads/downloads

Device Techouts

This allows support staff to gather information for the next line of support. Tasks can contain as many actions as you need them to, including status reports, configuration downloads, SQL database operations, uploading files to, or downloading files from devices. Likewise, routine specific logs or reports can be downloaded to the PxM Platform for diagnostic purposes, for example if a Help Desk operator does not have direct privileged access right to a device.

Known Issue Workarounds

Standard Operations

Our Privileged Task Management solution allows SysAdmins and DevOps to define “known-issue” workarounds - these are tasks that address issues which are commonly encountered on systems, applications or devices that have well-known resolutions. Typically, this may be a one-click, or input sanitised task, which can be delegated to the help-desk so that subsequent support calls for the same problem get fixed immediately, without the issue needing escalation to senior staff.

Multi-PROTOCOL & API support

Wide Protocol Support

Tasks can run against a range of devices with a variety of management interfaces; SSH, Telnet, RPC, vSphere, HTTP(S) and even bespoke API contracts. Tasks allow for differences between hardware architectures, for example ‘set port parameters’ will vary across device vendors, you teams only need know the parameters to set. Tasks also fully support web-only devices (cloud portals, etc.), web applications, servers and network devices.

Additional Features

Customisable Search

Per-device associations can be made within the PxM Platform’s desktop client - meaning SysAdmins can easily search for all tasks appropriate to a device using customisable, business-specific names.

Email Alerts

Our Privileged Task Management solution can deliver email alerts to device or system owners whenever a task has been performed - summarising the user, task, target device and confirmation of successful completion.

Device Backups

Backup device configuration files falling outside of traditional backup scopes without requiring agents. We invoke vendors’ own commands to create backups - copying and storing them safely and securely.

Device Techouts

Collecting diagnostics is time consuming. Techouts mitigate this by running precompiled commands on devices to collect diagnostics, copying them to the PxM Platform for future examination/comparison - all with a single click.

Change Tickets

Our Privileged Task Management solution allows free text input to be used as a change ticket reference. These are logged within the audit trail of a task, and can later be searched.

Privileged Task Mangement Module Data Sheet


Download the PTM module data sheet for a full technical breakdown, including a full feature list.

What is Privileged Task Management?

What is Privileged Task Management?