Privileged Behaviour Management

The PxM Platform’s Privileged Behaviour Management (PBM) capability brings a depth of analytical features to an IT infrastructure, the most important being predicting unusual behaviour by privileged users.

Privileged Behaviour Management is machine learning that creates a series of baselines against which privileged user actions are measured. With PBM, a user’s posture is about when and where they execute tasks and interactive sessions. PBM learns each privileged user “baseline” alongside their peers. Simply put, if a privileged user does roughly the same as their peers, their risk profile diminishes.

Our PxM platform creates user profiles that define which tools and tasks privileged users can access on which systems or devices. Therefore, a privileged user that starts to do something out of the ordinary gains a higher threat profile based on their unusual behaviour.

Main Features
Threat Detection Icon

Adaptive Pre-emptive Threat Detection

Our statistical analyses create a series of behavioural baselines for all privileged users that is automatically and adaptively categorised. Through the PxM Platform’s use of profiles, other users are treated as behavioural peers allowing us to pre-emptively flag behaviours that are considered abnormal or suspicious.

Real-time Monitoring Icon

Real-time Monitoring & Interactive Analyses

Monitor user activities as they happen, whenever they happen with our fully integrated metrics and reporting system. Visualise correlations in user tendencies in real-time and automatically produce comprehensive data sets in a variety of user-friendly formats.

Identify Latent Threat

Identify Latent Threat Within Your Organisation

Privilege-creep can arise through users gaining privileges in excess of their requirements. Our PxM Platform allows you to identify and prevent this latent threat; provisioning and deprovisioning users flexibly, give them access to what they need when they need it.

Additional Features
Intelligently Assigned Risk Scores

Intelligently Assigned Risk Scores

Privileged users gain risk scores reflecting behavioural baselines. SysAdmins can then use these scores to prioritise and address security risks.
Deprovision over-privileged users that have been granted legacy access rights; removing any ambiguity surrounding access rights.

Use Past Data to Manage Future Risk

Use Past Data to Manage Future Risk

Correlate privileged user data. Pre-emptively display clear cases of exposed risks to infrastructure and give users the access rights that fit their use patterns - never under-privilege, never over-privilege. Baselines constantly adapt and update to mirror privileged use patterns.

Adaptive Threat Profile Based on Login Address

Adaptive Threat Profile Based on Login Address

The PxM Platform creates a use-profile for each privileged user in your organisation. Visualise whenever a user’s access address differs from pre-existing baselines; the more frequently a user logs in from a given address, the lower their suspicion becomes.