Privileged Session Management

Take the ambiguity out of accountability

Often it is vital to know exactly what has been done to a system from where and by whom. This could be to investigate suspicious behaviour or for audit purposes. The PxM Platform’s Privileged Session Management enables security and compliance managers to record, store and playback any privileged activities that take place across their entire hybrid-cloud infrastructures.

Privileged Session Management not only ensures full user access accountability and visibility for meeting compliance mandates but also acts as a unique deterrent against SysAdmin malpractice by providing irrefutable evidence of their privileged activities.

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This demo shows the PxM Platform’s Privileged Session Management in action through the story of a rogue SysAdmin stealing credit card details. It shows just how easy it is to search and identify exactly what happened.

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Main Features

Session Recording Icon

All SysAdmin sessions taking place upon the PxM Platform can be recorded.

A visual capture allows a video playback of each session along with a thumbnail layout to evaluate sessions at a glance. We use the native management tool already existing on their workstations so that no browsers plug-ins or tunnelling of protocols need be required to manage devices.

Session Shadowing Icon

All SysAdmin sessions taking place on the PxM Platform can be shadowed in real-time.

This allows all admin sessions, including 3rd party service providers to be monitored as they happen.

Full Keystroke Capture Icon

As well as recording a video of a session, all keystrokes are also captured - subsequently enabling a SuperAdmin to search and identify particular keystrokes during each session.

The Red Box Icon

While a SysAdmin session is being recorded, a red box appears around the session window, providing a clear indication to the user that they are being either recorded or monitored in situ.

This red box feature can also be disabled so that the user is unaware of that sessions are being monitored.

Additional Features

Search by Meta-Information

The Device Access Report can search by a wide range of criteria including date/time, user, device, access level, protocol and even window titles.

Optional Misuse Deterrent

As an option, all privileged users can be alerted that their admin sessions are being recorded - this is typically the most effective means of deterring privileged abuse.

Change Management/History Log

Privileged Session Management can act as an irrefutable change control record within an IT infrastructure, removing any doubt or ambiguity.

Faster Error Remediation

Session recordings can provide valuable insights as to why and when a device misconfiguration takes place - allowing for the careful examination of changes and providing a quicker return to a stable and working environment.

Privileged Session Management Data Sheet


Download the PSM module data sheet for a full technical breakdown, including a full feature list.

What is Privileged Session Management?

What is Privileged Session Management?