PxM Express

Secure your Infrastructure with the fastest to deploy PAM solution. Introducing PxM Express from Osirium. For free, for 25 servers or network devices, forever.

Manage privileged account access for up to 25 servers or network devices across your IT estate today

Experience the benefits that Osirium’s fastest deploying Privileged Access Management solution, the PxM Platform can bring to your business in our new offering – PxM Express. Address both security and compliance requirements today by defining who gets access to what and when. You don’t need to make any changes to your existing IT infrastructure, with PxM Express you can improve your security posture effortlessly by using what you already have installed.

Every IT estate is managed by privileged users; users that are granted elevated access rights. Subsequently, these accounts are the first port of call for any would-be attackers. Protecting yourself against these threats in today’s world of IT security is not an option – it’s a necessity. Just as important however is getting these privileged accounts under control without disruption to everyday workflow. Managing privileged accounts is a challenge, but it’s a challenge we can help you with right now.

Osirium’s PxM Express ensures that privileged account credentials never exist upon the user’s workstation, making interception an impossibility. Eradicate the risks posed by sharing privileged account credentials and get started with PxM Express today.

Protect your privileged accounts in less than 8 minutes

PxM Express for Free

For Free

Download now, get PxM Express running on your IT infrastructure with hassle-free installation that takes less than 8 minutes. Should you have any issues, contact our support team, all free of charge.

Privileged Access Management

PxM Express for 25 servers or network devices

For 25 servers or network devices

Immediately import up to 25 servers or network devices across your IT estate. Should you choose to upgrade to our PxM Platform further down the line, keep these 25 servers or network devices comprehensively covered - at no additional cost.

PxM Express Forever


PxM Express' perpetual licensing means that license renewals are a thing of the past. From the moment you import your devices you are covered - forever, removing one of IT's biggest compliance headaches.

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    We chose Osirium's PxM Express solution to remove the risk of our privileged accounts being compromised both internally and by potential external threats.

    Kevin Holland,
    IT Manager
    Targetfollow Estates Limited

    PxM Express Data Sheet


    Download the PxM Express data sheet for a full technical breakdown, including system requirements and a full feature comparison breakdown between Osirium’s PxM Express and PxM Platform.