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Separating People from Passwords

You can’t steal what isn’t there

Privileged account abuse is one of the most critical security challenges faced by businesses today. Uncontrolled access by insiders or third parties leaves your organisation vulnerable to attack. Osirium’s Privileged Access Management solution, the PxM Platform, separates people from passwords, ensuring privileged credentials never exist upon a user’s workstation.

Gone are the days when brute forcing passwords was the main threat from cyber attackers. Now, businesses implement rigorous password policies, but to little avail. Time and time again we see how vulnerable passwords are to phishing, shoulder surfing, and straight up theft. Whether it’s the contradictory outcomes of complex password policies, the human tendency to use predictable password patterns, or the proliferation of shared accounts, when these passwords correlate to your critical devices and infrastructure, the risk is huge.

Make interception an impossibility. Separate people from passwords.

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Some things are best kept apart...

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How does it work?

The PxM Platform reduces risk by separating privileged users from privileged credentials. It does this by acting as a proxy connection between the user and the device. Users simply identify themselves to the PxM Platform and receive a list of assigned devices, applications, tasks and roles. On each choice, the PxM Platform performs the single sign-on or initiates the task. Privileges are restricted to what users need to do the job, and credentials are never revealed. As privileged credentials never cross into the domain of the user’s system, they cannot be stolen, misused or phished.

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Let Osirium help make interception an impossibility by separating people from passwords.