No matter the business need, Osirium’s PxM Platform can deliver a secure, tailored, reliable solution.

Put an end to Privileged Access headaches

SysAdmins in organisations have spent a lot of time getting their digital toolchain together. With the PxM platform we keep that toolchain fully intact – SysAdmins use the same tools to the same system but the PxM Platform makes the connections and performs the logins, thus representing a time saving in and of itself.

Whether your priorities are compliance-based, hardware-based, software-based or a combination of all these factors – the PxM Platform’s modular design can be configured to ensure that you get the right fit for your business.

Osirium is designed to fit your business needs

Prevent granting third parties' excessive privileges, without compromising their ability to get the job done.

Our PxM Platform complies with a number of international standards, ensuring audit compliance is taken care of without hassle.

Our approach at Osirium ensures that our products maintain the easiest integration possible, often not even requiring a restart.

More than just sensitive data is at stake nowadays - security risks are a major threat to consumer confidence in many business sectors.

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Identifying, assessing and prioritising your security risks is more important than ever. Get a head start with our free AD Audit Tool.

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