Osirium Active Directory Audit Tool

Active Directory Audit Tool

It is becoming increasingly necessary to defend your IT infrastructure against threats, enable compliance and manage third party access. In fact, identifying, assessing and prioritising your security risks is more important than ever.

At Osirium, we have designed a non-intrusive tool which can provide you with a fast, up-to-date view of the status of your privileged user accounts*. The tool makes a search for all accounts that have or have inherited administrator rights, evaluates each account in the search list against secure access criteria** and presents the data in a graphical report format with some narrative outlining any concerns.

*The Audit Tool needs to use a domain admin account in order to search through Active Directory.

**The Audit Tool can work in both LDAP and LDAPS mode.

Complete Visibility Across Your Entire IT Estate

Passwords older than policy

Discover which passwords within your AD domain have existed for longer than your password refresh policy.

Legacy privileged accounts

Discover which of the privileged accounts within your AD domain are no longer actively used.

Dormant privileged accounts

Discover which of the privileged accounts within your AD domain have been created and never used.

Nested privileged accounts

Effortlessly discover privileged accounts that are nested deeply within your organisation's AD domain.

Total privileged accounts

See exactly how many privileged accounts have been provisioned for use within your AD domain.

Peak password changes

Discover which accounts have had their passwords changed most frequently or most overall.

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