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Government and Defence

Both Government and Defence agencies around the world will be constantly targeted by cyber-attackers, from criminal organisations to state-sponsored attacks and as always there is the ever looming threat from internal users. The more that agencies move online for efficiency and productivity gains, we’re likely to see more at stake.

Cyber threats in Government and Defence agencies

In the UK, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has reported a 22% increase in the number of cases received in the first quarter of this year (April – June 2016) compared to the previous quarter.

The second most prevalent sector for data security incidents after Healthcare in Q1 2016/17 was Local Government. Data security incidents in Local Government increased by 44% compared with the previous quarter.

Internal staff and third party contractors with untold privilege to access sensitive data present a higher risk of deliberately, mistakenly, or indirectly misusing that privilege and potentially editing, deleting, or stealing data.

Human nature is the weakest link when it comes to the intersection of people, process, and technology—the three tenants of security—Edward Snowden is a perfect example.

Osirium protects privileged accounts in the hybrid-cloud world by ensuring the right people get least privileged access to the right devices and at the right time.

Which compliance standards can Osirium help Government and Defence with in relation to Privilege Account Management (PAM)?