It’s a troublesome time for the healthcare industry: Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is under siege and hospitals are big targets for cyberattacks.

Healthcare and cybersecurity: Why Privileged Access Management is essential

The NHS holds vast amounts of highly sensitive and valuable data. Access to this data is managed by privileged users such as System Administrators, those with access to the critical IT infrastructure, making their accounts a prime target for cyber-crime.

To put this into perspective, almost 1,000 cybersecurity breaches were reported to the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) between October 2016 and September 2017 in the Healthcare sector. Indeed, Healthcare suffered the highest amount of breaches of all 22 sectors recorded, with more than 700 incidents separating Healthcare from the second worst hit sector.

This was driven primarily by those disclosing data to the incorrect recipient, loss/theft of patient records, and other failures of Principle 7 in the Data Protection Act. With the introduction of the EU GDPR in May 2018, Healthcare is subject to stricter guidelines on the collection, processing and storage of individuals’ data, in order to avoid facing significantly increased non-compliance fines.

With Privileged Accounts identified as a key vulnerability, Osirium is working with a growing number of Healthcare organisations to protect them from cyber attacks, ensure compliance, and defend against loss or theft of client data.

The Osirium PxM Platform adds a vital layer of control and accountability around managing our Third-Parties. Now, we can record their access and view a video-style playback of each privileged session, including in fast-play mode. Even the keystrokes of our Third-Party providers are captured, helping us to locate where specific commands were typed.

John Slator,
Head of IT and Informatics
Mental Health Concern

How we help

Osirium’s Privileged Access Management solution, the Osirium PAM, helps Healthcare organisations:

End-to-end accountability icon

Deliver end-to-end accountability

The Privileged Session Management module allows you to record, store and playback any activities that take place across your entire hybrid-cloud infrastructures.

Security posture icon

Strengthen their security posture

The PxM Platform ensures that privileged account credentials never exist upon the users’ workstation, making interception an impossibility and dramatically reducing your attack surface.

Legacy-based IT infrastructure icon

Protect legacy-based IT infrastructure

The MAP Server part of the PxM Platform determines which version of the management tool is needed by your SysAdmins and projects this application’s window onto their workstation.

Third-Party and inter-departmental access icon

Manage Third-Party access

The PxM Platform prevents granting third parties excessive privileges without compromising their ability to get the job done, allowing you to outsource your IT, not your trust.

Compliance icon

Meet rigorous compliance standards

The PxM Platform helps you meet increasingly stringent compliance standards, including ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials and GDPR.

Internal threat icon

Protect against the Insider Threat

The PxM Platform permanently separates your people from your privileged passwords and defines who gets access to what and when, mitigating against the insider threat.

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