Managed (Security) Service Providers

With GDPR, Managed (Security) Service Providers now require strong audit features at an affordable price, along with scalability, in order to assure their customers they comply.

New challenges

We understand the differing needs of our Managed Service Providers/Managed Security Service Provider (M(S)SP) customers compared to large end users, including the ability to scale through repeatability. With GDPR, M(S)SP’s now need to add strong audit features to their offering so that they can assure their customers that they comply. This needs to be done cost-effectively in a maturing Cloud market where price pressure is ever-present.

Our M(S)SP customers run the best physical hardware and deepest levels of virtualisation to provide the uptime security that attracts their customers. All that equipment needs to pay for itself, and these days virtual systems are often available at a monthly fee that is less than the electricity required to run an equivalent physical system.

To meet these demands, customers are employing the most talented cybersecurity staff; an expensive resource, or using outsourcers; but these need to be trusted.

When put together, we find a level of audit and security equivalent to banking operations.

This puts Privileged Access Management at the top of the agenda, not to mention Privileged Task Management.

How we help

Our understanding of the needs of M(S)SP’s is reflected in the Osirum PAM offering:

Flexible pricing

We know that all systems are not up all the time and that access profiles tend to be much lighter on a per system basis.

Application Dependency Isolation

Our MAP server technology means that complex Windows applications can be installed once and then accessed from any OS - Windows/MacOSX/Linux, and that legacy applications with known security issues can be isolated in their own locked down security cells.


The Osirium PAM client is used via standard web browsers. It can keyword search across system, device and application names, as well as task names and location metadata.

Wide Device Support

Osirium PAM covers all the common switches, routers, firewalls, load balancers and content filters, along with the ability for you to create templates for your own systems and applications.


Our platform has plenty of logging and plays well with SIEM systems, but for that M(S)SP level of reporting, we’re working on enhancing Elastic Stack to provide levels that go beyond Privileged Behaviour Analytics.

Bulk import

Osirium PAM can bulk import both devices and users, the import can also handle metadata, for example, location, customer, etc.

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