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Professional Services Engineer

2018-01-12 13:17:54

Osirium are looking to fill the role outlined below…

  • Reading, United Kingdom
  • Negotiable
  • Permanent
  • No deadline

Professional Services Engineer

Professional Services Engineer

Osirium is a fast growing UK software vendor, specialising in PAM/PUM/PIM (we like to call it PxM). Our product manages, audits, records and proxies connections to multi-vendor devices and appliances. With an innovative, modern approach to solving the worlds privileged access problems, we are a disruptive force in the UK market. We’re looking to expand our highly experienced professional services team to cater for our fast-growing customer base.


The Role

As a PS engineer, you will be responsible for both the deployment, configuration and customisation of the Osirium PxM Suite, using our market-leading automation and SSO technologies.

Due to the nature of the product, you will be exposed to a wealth of technologies such as management protocols, network devices, automation/scripting languages, APIs and various operating systems. We have many technologies at our disposal to help us integrate with whatever our customers are using.

You will be responsible for gathering customer requirements, providing work estimates/statements of work and implementing the chosen approach.

The role involves frequent visits to customer locations, although some projects can be office based.

Training is provided.

Technical Skills

1) XML.

2) Regex.

3) Proven ability to use BASH and DOS.

4) Proven ability to read/write code at a basic level – any language.

5) Basic networking, for example: know what an IP address, subnet mask, default gateway are and what are they used for.

6) Familiar with the purpose and operation of network infrastructure devices, e.g. firewalls, switches and routers.

7) Enterprise Active Directory knowledge.

8) High standard of written English.

9) Interest in automation technologies.


1) Programming experience in either Python or JS.

2) Knowledge of how RESTful APIs work.

3) Familiar with the HTTP protocol.

Interpersonal Skills and Work Ethic

1) Able to communicate clearly and effectively with all departments.

2) Ability to learn how the product works to a deep technical level, and being able to communicate that knowledge to anyone in a way they will understand.

3) Excellent customer facing skills.

4) Dependable and responsible