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PxM Platform Administrators Course

Duration: 2 days
Course delivery: Classroom based, instructor led (includes hands-on labs)

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Email: training@osirium.com

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Course Contents by Module

Module 01

PxM Platform Components

  • Privileged Access Management
  • PxM Platform overview
  • PxM Platform MAP Server
  • PxM Platform versioning
  • PxM architecture and prerequisites
  • Supported infrastructure platforms
  • PxM Platform Release Software Downloads
Module 02

PxM Virtual Appliance

  • Ports used by the PxM Virtual Appliance
  • Master Encryption Key
  • Master Encryption Key - how it works
  • Installing & configuring the PxM Virtual Appliance
  • PxM Virtual Appliance initial connection and licensing
  • PxM Virtual Appliance upgrade process
Module 03

PxM Client Includes Lab session

  • Ports used by the PxM Client
  • PxM Client feature matrix
  • Installing the PxM Client
  • PxM Client Interface

LAB 1: Installing the PxM Virtual Appliance

Module 04


  • What is a MAP Server
  • Ports used by the PxM MAP Server
  • Installing the PxM MAP Server
  • PxM MAP Server service
  • PxM MAP Server: MapServerService.exe
  • PxM MAP Server critical files
  • PxM MAP Server logfiles and AutoIT
  • PxM MAP Server upgrade process

LAB 2: Installing the PxM MAP Server

Module 05

PxM Virtual Appliance utilities

  • Osirium_support account
  • Console window
  • System queue
  • PxM Platform end user logs
  • PxM Platform Techout
  • System monitoring
  • PxM Virtual Appliance disk space
  • Using an external disk
  • Module 06

    PxM Client failures and FAQs

    • Local users
    • Externally authenticated users
    • Troubleshooting external authentication services
    • PxM Client files
    • Web proxy settings
    • Proxy errors
    • PxM Client upgrading
    • Missing PxM Client icon in Taskbar Notification area
    • Running multiple PxM Clients
    Module 07

    PxM Platform Web Managemnet Interface and concepts

    • Web Management Interface roles
    • Web Management Interface layout
    • Meta-columns
    • PxM Platform concepts
    Module 08

    PxM users and user groups INCLUDES LAB SESSION

    • PxM Platform user authentication
    • Multi-factor authentication
    • PxM Platform users
    • RADIUS authentication
    • PxM user creation options
    • Creating user groups
    • Sailpoint IdentityIQ integration

    LAB 3: Creating PxM users and user groups

    module 11

    Devices Includes Lab session

    • How the PxM Platform interacts with devices
    • Device templates
    • Devices status
    • Use cases and provisioning devices
    • Bulk importing devices
    • Device detail page

    LAB 4: Provisioning devices

    Module 12

    Profiles Includes Lab session

    • What is a profile?
    • Access levels
    • Managing profiles
      • Enable windows
      • Change ticket management tool
      • Session recording
    • Pass-through
    • Configuring a profile: Operating models
    • Profile details page

    LAB 5: Creating and configuring profiles

    Module 13

    Tasks Includes Lab session

    • Device tasks
    • Task use cases
    • Different types of tasks

    LAB 6: Running different types of tasks

    Module 14

    Device and device task issues

    • Polling and device status icons
    • Troubleshooting a red device status icon
    • Device or task is missing from the PxM Client
    • Single sign on failures
    • Authentication failures
    • RDP tool options not working
    • PxM MAP tool issues
    Module 15

    Session recording

    • Session recording features
    • Configuring session recordings
    • Devices access report
    • Session recording playback
    Module 16

    Reporting Includes Lab session

    • Change tickets
    • User rights audit
    • Tasks report
    • Management report
    • Analytics
    • Behaviour analytics

    LAB 7: Session recording and Change tickets

    Module 17

    PxM API

    • PxM Platform REST API
    • Creating a new API application