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PxM Platform Template Course

Duration: 1 day
Course delivery: Classroom based, instructor led (includes hands-on labs)

Course pricing and booking enquiries
Email: training@osirium.com

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Course Contents by Module

Module 01

Understanding Templates

  • What are device templates?
  • Template management
  • Working with templates
  • Template versioning
  • Template format and information
  • Anatomy of a template
Module 02

Tasks in templates Includes Lab sessions

  • Introduction to tasks
  • Task use cases
  • Template workflow
  • Task: One click, single action

LAB 1: Adding a one click task

  • Default response tags
  • Task: One click, with responses

LAB 2: Create a one click task with responses

  • Task: One click, multiple commands

LAB 3: Create a one click task with multiple commands

  • Task: One click, multiple commands and additional responses

LAB 4: Expanding the one click task, multiple commands to include additional responses

  • Task: Data collection
  • Regex capture groups
  • LAB 5: Creating a data collection task

    • Input to tasks
    • Task: Free Text Input
    • Task: Free Text <input> tag

    LAB 6: Creating a Free Text Input task

    • Task: Dropdown listbox
    • Task: Dropdown list <parameter> tag attribute

    LAB 7: Adding a dropdown list task

    • Capturing task output to a file
    • Techout task
    • Powershell inline
    • Powershell file
    • LAB 8: Task challenge

Module 03

MAP Templates Includes Lab sessions

  • Prerequisites
  • Map Template SSO tester Tool
  • Anatomy of a MAP SSO template
  • Map tool .xml template examples
  • Client workflow
  • Client application window example
  • Client MAP template AutoIt file

LAB 9: Creating a Client application template

  • Browser workflow
  • Browser MAP template example
  • Browser MAP template AutoIt file

LAB 10 Creating a Browser AutoIt template