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Save time, increase security with Osirium

The Osirium Suite

Privileged Access Management

Properly protect and delegate privileged accounts for single sign-on in 8 minutes. Build security
by separating people from passwords.

Privileged Task Automation

Delegate the task not the privilege. Build compliance by reducing the need for single sign-on
and creating error free business related tasks.

Privileged Session Management

Monitor and record third party sessions. Deter inside attacks.

Password Lifecycle Management

Scheduled and event based password change management. Full strength password generator.

Privileged Access


  • Fast deployment, manage privileged users, accounts and access in minutes rather than days
  • Our management interface has best in class usability
  • No passwords ever reach the users desktops
  • No agents on the managed systems - no maintenance required
Osirium Interface

Free AD Audit Tool

Discover how many accounts have administrator rights in your AD

  • The Osirium AD Audit Tool can reveal:
  • Privileged accounts that have passwords older than policy.
  • Old privileged accounts that are no longer in use.
  • Privileged accounts that have been created but never used.
  • Privileged accounts nested unusually deeply in the AD structure.
  • Total number of privileged accounts.
  • Peaks in password changes.
Get the Osirium AD Audit Tool
Osirium Audit Tool

Latest Literature

Privileged Access Management PxM

White Paper

See how we handle privileged access, account & analytics management, and a full task automation system as well as full protection from 3rd party access through the use of comprehensive session recording and keystroke logging.

Osirium Sompliance Standardds ISO/IEC 27001

ISO27001 Compliance

Learn about how Osirium supports ISO 27001 access control and system acquisition requirements.

In partnership with Acuity Group.

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