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Osirium is an award winning, Privileged Access Management and Cyber-security specialist.

Our industry leading product suite protects your critical data from cyber-attacks and internal threats.

The PxM Platform's Privileged Access Management

What is Privileged Access Management?
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See the team demonstrating why SysAdmins should choose the PxM Platform over other privileged access management software solutions.

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Key Benefits

Easy, agile, quick

Rapid deployment speed. Manage privileged users, accounts and access in minutes rather than days - no need to even restart devices.

Privileged Access

User-friendly interface

Best-in-class usability. Osirium’s PxM Platform allows for complete, granular control of all privileged accounts from one central client.

PxM Platform Interface

Trust Your Security

Completely and permanently separate people from passwords. Passwords can never be stolen as they never reach the users’ workstation.

Privileged Access Management

Agentless Implementation

No agent need be installed on any managed systems - Device reconfiguration and device maintenance become a thing of the past.

PxM Platform

Complete Compliance Solution

Effortlessly meet and exceed compliance mandates - Define and record exactly who gets access to what and when, even third parties.

Compliance Solution

Clarify Accountability

Secure all SysAdmin activities and provide a real-time overview of all tasks - ensuring every change is accountable, visible and auditable.

Privileged Task Management

It’s a great deterrent to the insider threat, and replaying a session from a support incident helped us solve an issue that would previously have been near on impossible to resolve, so that was a great benefit.

Graham Thomson,

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Check out our data sheet on the FREE version of our Privileged Access Management solution at osir.mx/2imUwyQ

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The PxM Platform's Privileged Access Management Solution

The PxM Platform's Privileged Access Management Solution