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  • Privileged Access Management At Work

    Privileged Access Management

    Granular Account Control Osirium enables every Privileged Account on every device to be given a particular state.

    Privileged Access Management
  • Privileged Session Management Screen Grab

    Privileged Session Management

    Osirium's Privileged Session Management enables Security and Compliance Managers to record, store and playback any privileged activities that take place across hybrid-cloud infrastructures.

    Privileged Session Management
  • Privileged Analytics Management

    Privileged User Analytics

    Highlights anomalous activity that surrounds insider attacks and privileged account compromise.

    Privileged User Analytics


Osirium protects privileged accounts in the hybrid-cloud world by ensuring the right people get least privileged access to the right devices and at the right time. We automate and delegate tasks to reduce costs and record sessions for compliance and accountability.

Secure, Scale, Simplify

Why Osirium

  • Fast deployment, manage privileged users, accounts and access in minutes rather than days.
  • Our management interface has best in class usability.
  • No passwords ever reach the users desktops.
  • No agents on the managed systems - nil-maintenance required.
  • Big Scale, Big Throughput, just one VM.

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