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PAM UI Quickstart Guide

PAM UI Quickstart

Number Heading Description
Menu bar expand/collapse toggle button.
Menu options
My Access: This page will present an alphabetical list showing all devices and tools available to you.

My Requests: This page will allow you to view all your requests, current and recent, and allow you to manage your requests.

Manage Approvals: This page will allow you to view all the requests that have been assigned to you or your approvers group and their current status.

Change Tickets: Allows you to start a change ticket before proceeding with any work.

Log out: Logs you out of Osirium PAM and takes you back to the login window. All open device connections will be disconnected.
Title of page that is open.
Filter that has been set for what is being displayed.
Name of the device that you have been granted access to.
Additional information relating to the device.
List of tools that can be used to access the device and tasks that can be executed on the device.
States the device access level that has been granted and will be used to single sign you onto the device.
Address of the device you will be connecting to.
Expand/Collapse toggle buttons for the device list. Expanding will show the list of devices and tools. Collapsing will only show the device heading.
Additional information about the device.
Additional tasks that can be performed on the device by Osirium PAM.
Expand/collapse icon to allow you to minimise or expand a device section.
A search facility is available to help you quickly narrow down the list presented and match a specified criteria. As soon as you start typing the access list will dynamically update.
Predefined filters that allow you to change the My Access display.
List of items that have recently been accessed and can be clicked on for quick access.