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PAM Management Interface Guide

This guide is to help you understand what the Management Interface is and how it is used to manage HA:


Administrators can use the Management Interface to configure HA, view HA status and execute commands to manage a HA Pair.

The Management Interface is a web-based SSH client that allows administrators to access the PAM Server Secure Shell (SSH) through a browser. Users will require PAM Owner level access rights to logon. See Osirium PAM access levels.


The Management Interface requires port 8443.

Logging on

The Management Interface can be accessed via an active Primary or standby Secondary server.

When you log into the Management Interface, you will be presented with a list of commands that can be performed from the server you are logged into. See HA commands section for more detail.

  1. Open a web browser and enter the IP address, this can either be:

    • Floating IP address if one is configured, which can be used to access the active server
    • Primary server
    • Secondary server

    https://[IP Address of the PAM Server]:8443

  2. You will be presented with the login window.

    Management Interface login window

  3. Enter login details.


    To log on users will require Owner level access to PAM. See Osirium PAM access levels.

  4. Once successfully logged on you will be presented with the Management Interface SSH window. In the top right-hand corner you will see the name of the user logged on and whether you are logged onto the Primary or Secondary server.

    Primary server Management Interface SSH window Primary

    Secondary server Management Interface SSH window Secondary

Supporting documentation