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Managing Approvals

This section walks you through how to manage and approve access requests and covers:


When a user requests access to a tool/task it will be assigned to an appointed approver(s). The request must be successfully approved before the user can gain access.

Manage Approvals page

The Manage Approvals page will allow you to view all the requests that have been assigned to you or your approvers group and their current status.


Requests that have been elapsed for over 48 hours will be removed from the list.
A request has elapsed if the current time has passed its end time (start time + duration).

Approving a request

Requests that are still awaiting approval will show a status of Pending.

To approve a request:

  1. Within the Manage Approvals window, review the access requested as detailed in the row.

    Review access request

  2. If you are happy with the request then click APPROVE. Alternatively, if you require more information regarding access then click on MORE OPTIONS and add a comment for the requester.

View and manage scheduled access

All requests can be viewed and managed from the Manage Approvals page.

To view and manage a request:

  1. Within the Manage Approvals window, click on MORE OPTIONS next to the request you want to view.

    Approval request page

  2. Within the View/Manage Scheduled Access window you can:

    • Add a comment and REVOKE access.

    • Review the reason for the request.

    • If insufficient information is given for you to approve the request, you can add a comment which can be seen by the requester.

    • APPROVE the request.

    • REVOKE a request that has been previously APPROVED if you think it is no longer required.

  3. When the request has been approved the request status will be updated.