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PxM Platform

The PxM Platform: a multi-faceted Privileged Access Management cyber-security solution for all IT-dependent businesses & recognised by Gartner as a “Cool Vendor”

Product Overview

For a cyber attacker there are hundreds of ways into an organisation, but once in, they will always need use of a privileged account to access and infiltrate any interesting data.

Osirium’s PxM Platform is comprised of four core modules designed to make the execution of privileged tasks and DevOps faster and more secure than ever before – offering complete end-to-end accountability and audit trail of precisely who did what, where and when.

The PxM Platform ensures that privileged account credentials never exist upon the users’ workstation, making interception an impossibility. Eradicate the risks posed by sharing privileged account credentials by removing the need for them in the first place.

How do credentials get stolen?


of stolen passwords are taken directly from the user’s workstation


are phished via email spoofing or instant messaging services


are decrypted using brute force cryptanalytic or dictionary attacks

Platform Components

privileged access management

Separate people from passwords. Prevent privileged passwords ever reaching the workstation

privileged task management

Remove the need for direct system access & eliminate the potential for human error

privileged session management

Create a precise, irrefutable audit trail of exactly who did what, where and when

Privileged Behaviour Management logo

Visualise latent threat within your organisation, pre-emptively prevent privileged account misuse.

free privileged access management

Try the PxM Express for Free!

Secure your Infrastructure with the fastest to deploy Privileged Access Management solution. Introducing PxM Express from Osirium. For free, for 10 servers or network devices.

PxM Platform Data Sheet


Download the PXM Platform data sheet for a full technical breakdown, including system requirements and a full feature list.

Osirium’s PxM Platform has met our objectives - it gives us the accountability and auditability of our privileged user activities which was our primary goal. We can also enforce a least privileged model and control legacy accounts through one central environment.

Sompo Canopius