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This section reports the tasks executed on devices. The topics covered in this section are:


The Tasks report provides visibility of the most recent tasks executed on a device by users and the upcoming scheduled tasks.

To view the Tasks report page, click Tasks in the left-hand menu.

Recent user tasks tab

The Recent user tasks report tab represents the tasks that have been executed on devices by users.

To view the Recent user tasks report, click the Recent user tasks tab within the Tasks page.

Recent user tasks report table

The following information is presented in the Recent tasks report table:

Heading Description
Expansion icon Indicates a task description is available. Click the arrow to reveal the description.
Timestamp The date and time the task was executed on a device.
Event Provides a Usable device icon Success or Unreachable device icon Failed status on the executed task.
Task The name of the task which was run on a device.
Device The name of the device which the task was run against.
Actioned by The name of the user that initiated the task. If the user is PAM Server it indicates that a scheduled task was run.
Change ticket Lists the change ticket the task was conducted under.
Approver Name of the person who approved the access requested to allow the user to run the task on the device.

Recent user tasks context menu options

A number of context menu options are available when you right-click an entry:

Icon Description
Show inputs for tasks Shows the parameters applied to the device when a task with task parameters was run.
Hide task inputs Hides the task input information.
Show device icon Show device Navigates you to the Device detail page for the selected task.
Show user icon Show user Navigates you to the User detail page for the selected task.
View log Opens up the Log viewer window and displays the log information for the selected task.

Upcoming scheduled tasks tab

The Upcoming scheduled tasks report tab represents the tasks that have been scheduled to run through profiles.

To view the Upcoming scheduled tasks report, click the Upcoming scheduled tasks tab within the Tasks page.

Upcoming schedule tasks table

The following information is presented in the Upcoming scheduled tasks report:

Heading Description
Next executes The date and time the task is scheduled to run.
Enabled If the checkbox is Checked box icon checked then the profile is enabled and the task will run against the device in the profile as scheduled.

If the checkbox is Unchecked box icon unchecked then the scheduled tasks will not run on the devices within the Profile.

Schedule Name of the configured Schedule that has been used to schedule the task.
Task Name of the device task set to run.
Profile Name of the profile that the task has been scheduled in.

If blank, the schedule has not been scheduled within a profile.

# Devices Total number of devices that the scheduled task will run against.