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Managing schedules

This section describes how schedules are created and used within Osirium PAM. The following topics are included in this section:

Manage schedules

Schedules can be created and managed here and then attached to profiles to allow you to run device tasks automatically or at recurring intervals.

Default schedules have been created to get you started but new schedule can easily be added.

To view the Manage schedule page, click Schedules in the left-hand menu.

Manage schedules table

To view which tasks are using the schedule, hover over the schedule entry and the Used by window will appear listing the profile names.

Creating a schedule

The Add icon NEW SCHEDULE button allows you to create a new schedule.

To create a new schedule:

  1. On the Manage schedules page, click the Add icon NEW SCHEDULE button.

  2. In the New schedule window, configure the following settings:

    New schedule window

    Heading Description
    Name Enter an internal display name to reference the schedule.
    Time (UTC) Select the time the schedule will run the task at.
    Frequency Select how often the task will be run under this schedule. Options available are:
    - Daily
    - Weekly
    - Monthly
    Pattern If you selected a weekly or monthly frequency, you will need to select a pattern or accept the default presented. This does not apply if you selected a daily frequency.
    - Weekly: select which day of the week you would like the task to run.
    - Monthly: select on which day of the month you would like the task to run.
    Next runs (local) Displays the date/time the schedule will next run based on your selections.
  3. Click SAVE.

    New Schedule Window completed

Editing a schedule

See Common Interface Functions section for inline editing.

Deleting a schedule

When a schedule is deleted, it will be automatically removed from all profile tasks first.

To delete a schedule, right-click on an individual schedule and then click Delete icon.

Scheduling a task

When you have created your schedules, they can be added to individual tasks within a profiles task section. See Managing Profiles.