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Email subscriptions

This section explains how to create and manage email notifications. The following topics are included in this section:

Managing email subscriptions

Email subscriptions can be configured to send activity notifications when performed by a specific user. It allows administrators to define:

  • Who will receive the notification.
  • Which profile the notification be set against.
  • Which event will trigger the email notification.

Before email notifications can be sent, the following settings must be configured:

  • An SMTP server must be available and the setting configured on the PAM Server. See SMTP Configuration.

  • The user must have a valid email address set.

To view the Manage email subscriptions page:

  1. Click Email subscriptions in the left-hand menu.

  2. The Manage email subscriptions page lists all subscriptions configured at present.

New email subscription

The NEW SUBSCRIPTION button allows you to create a new notification (or more than one).

To add a new email subscription:

  1. On the Manage email subscriptions page, click on Plus icon NEW SUBSCRIPTION. The New email subscription window opens.

  2. In the Choose user(s) window, select a user or multiple users who will receive the email notification(s). Click CHOOSE.

    Choose user tab


    The window only lists users who have an email address configured.

  3. In the Choose profile(s) window, select a profile that the email notification will be sent against when a specific event occurs. The user will receive notification on all devices listed within the profile.

    Choose profiles tab

  4. Click CHOOSE.

  5. In the Choose email subscription(s) window, select the event(s) to be notified on.

    Email subscription create tab

    The subscription types are:

    Heading Event
    Tasks A user has successfully run a device task.
    Tool use A new user has been added to a device through a profile, or a user has single signed on to a device.
    PBM Alerts Monitors UI logins, and alerts when a new IP address has been used.
  6. Click CREATE. An email message will be automatically sent to the users to inform them that email notifications have been setup and will be sent to their user.

Editing an email subscription

The inline editing functionality within the Manage email subscriptions page allows you to update the Email subscription details.

Click on the Edit pencil icon at the end of each row to edit the individual email subscription.

To update multiple email subscriptions, highlight a number of email subscription and then right-click and click Mulit-row edit. Update the Multiple-row editor window and click SAVE CHANGES.

Deleting an email subscription

Deleting an email subscription stops notifications being emailed to a user.

To delete an email subscription from the Manage email subscriptions page, click on the Delete icon icon at the end of the row.