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Tag: <remote_filename> - Location of a File to Fetch from a Device


The <remote_filename> tag is used to define the location of a file that Osirium PAM should go and fetch from a device.


The <remote_filename> tag only applies to SCP file copies.

It does not have any attributes but it does have a use for it's element text:


  • Element Text (str) : This is the full path to the file that Osirium PAM will go and fetch.

Example: File Fetch

The <remote_filename> tag is used under a <command> tag with a type of scp to fetch a file. The <remote_filename> tag defines the path and filename to fetch. Substitutions can be used in the <remote_filename> tag if required.

   <command type='scp' action='retrieve'>

And update_env command could also be used to find a filename on a device and then a substitution can be used with this filename value to fetch the file over SCP.

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