Osirium Documentation

The following documentation has been constructed to help in the installation and configuration of the PxM Platform.  There are three guides relating to our product; the template guide, the admin guide and the POC guide.  There is also our CEF specification.

Azure Installation Guide

PxM Platform installation guide within Microsoft Azure

This installation guide is for system administrators who are responsible for installing and configuring virtual machines within a Microsoft Azure environment.

Admin Guide
Admin Guide

The administrator’s guide is for people responsible for managing and administering devices. It provides the information needed to install, configure and use the PxM Platform.

Template Guide
Template Guide

The template guide is designed to assist with the editing of existing and creation of new PxM Platform templates (referred to as ‘templates’ in this documentation).

POC Document
POC Guide

This document is a proof of concept (POC) guide for the PxM Platform, a privileged user and infrastructure management solution. It covers several scenarios that you can use to evaluate the Platform and its features.

CEF Document
CEF Specification

The CEF specification descibes a list of events and corresponding data that Osirium can generate and log in a Common Event Format (CEF). SIEM systems can then analyse the stream of events emmitted by Osirium.