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Osirium Documentation

Access to the PxM Platform, Privileged Process Automation and Privileged Endpoint Management product documentation, installation, upgrade, user and administrator’s guides.


PXM Platform Documentation

Installation Guides

Step by step guides to installing the PxM Virtual Appliance and MAP Server on various platforms and the PxM MAP

Upgrade and Restore Guides

Step by step guides on how to upgrade or restore your PxM Platform Virtual Appliance from a backup file.

PxM Client Guide

Step by step instructions for installing and using the PxM Client

Administrator Guides

  • PxM Platform Admin Guide
    For people responsible for managing and administering devices. This guide provides the information needed to install, configure and use the PxM Platform.
  • PxM Platform Template Guide
    The template guide is designed to assist with the editing of existing and creation of new PxM Platform templates (referred to as ‘templates’ in this documentation). Requires Support Portal account.

Other Documentation

  • Proof of Concept Guide
    This document is a proof of concept (POC) guide for the PxM Platform, a privileged user and infrastructure management solution. It covers several scenarios that you can use to evaluate the Platform and its features.
  • Common Event Format (CEF) Specification
    The CEF specification describes a list of events and corresponding data that Osirium can generate and log in a Common Event Format (CEF). SIEM systems can then analyse the stream of events emitted by Osirium.
  • How To / FAQ Guide
    The PxM Platform 'How To' helps with frequently asked questions on PxM Platform setup, maintenance and general use. For a more specific walkthrough, please see our guides above.

Privileged Process Automation (PPA) Documentation

Installation Guides

Privileged Endpoint Management (PEM) Documentation

Installation Guides