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PPA Task Plugins


Plugins are used by PPA Playbooks to automate operations on different systems.

This page is the documentation index for all plugins released by Osirium.

Plugin Layout

To get started expand the Available Plugins menu on the left.

The documentation for each plugin is split into the following areas:


Contains download links for the full version history of the plugin.

Inputs & Outputs

If the plugin uses fixed YAML objects as inputs/outputs, you'll find each documented here.

Plugin Actions

Expand this menu to view a list of all the modules in the plugin.

Click a module name to view the actions it contains.

Domain Specific Pages

Some plugins also contain domain or vendor specific documentation.

An example is the running commands page in the SSH plugin.

Action Layout

All plugin actions are documented in a consistent format.

The following sections are included for every action:

  • Description
  • Minimum Plugin Version
  • Input
  • Output
  • Example

Each section is collapsed by default.

Some actions contain extra sections with specific usage information.

Action Documentation



What the action is used for.

Minimum Plugin Version

The minimum plugin version required before using the action.


A list of parameters supported by the action & what they are used for.

Optional parameters will include a default value in their description.


What the action passes back to the task when it succeeds.


A Playbook snippet showing an example use of the action.

These are not exhaustive & you will need to modify the example before it fits your use case.