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Access Requests report

The access requests report lists all requests that have been made and their status.

Access request report

The following information is provided in the report:

Heading Description
Created at Date/time the access request was submitted.
Expired at Date/time the access request expired.
Requester Name of the user that requested the access.
State The state of the access request include:
- Pending: Access request has been submitted and is awaiting approval.
- Approved: Access request has been successfully approved.
- Used: The access request was approved and was used to make a device connection/execute a task.
- Expired: The access request was approved but passed its valid until date without being used.
Approver Name of the approver that approved the request.
Comment Approval Request comment for why the approval is required.
Device Name of the device that was accessed.
Type Lists the tool or task that was used.
Account Name of the account used to connect to the device tool.