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Menu options

This sections explains the actions that can be carried out within the PAM user interface.

The following topics are covered in this section:

Access list

Option Description
Devices Presents a filtered alphabetical list showing all devices and tools available to you. The access level granted is also shown and will be used when single signing onto the device tool.
Tasks Presents a filtered alphabetical list showing all the device tasks that can be executed by you.
Credentials Presents a filtered alphabetical list of all device credentials you have permission to reveal and update. If an account has been disabled you will not be able to view or update the password.
Request Requests for device access waiting to be approved.


Option Description
Change ticket Opens the Change Tickets - Acquire Ticket window so you can enter the details of the Change Ticket you will be carrying out the work under.
Change Password If you are using a local Osirium PAM user account then you will be able to update it's password here. NOTE Action not available for users authenticated through an external authentication service i.e. Active Directory or RADIUS.
Logout Logs you out of your current Osirium PAM connection and navigates you back to the UI login page. All open device sessions will be disconnected.
Settings PAM Client ONLY
Allows you to configure a location for your download files and select the tool you want your device connection to be launched with.
Downloads PAM Client ONLY
When an executed task creates a file, the file can be downloaded. All downloaded files can then be viewed in this Downloads window.
Create Techout PAM Client ONLY
Creates a diagnostic file on your PAM Client to help with troubleshooting issues.

A search facility is available to help you quickly narrow down the list presented and match a specified criteria. As soon as you start typing in the search field the list below will dynamically update.