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Before you can configure a HA Pair you will need the following prerequisites:

Prerequisite Description
Hardware and Software Ensure the correct resources are available before deploying. The following outlines the hardware and software requirements.

Ports For information on the ports required by PAM and used between PAM components click here.
Software downloads The software installation package is supplied in Open Virtual Appliance (OVA) and Virtual hard disk (VHD) formats, ready for deployment into your existing virtual infrastructure.

To download the latest software, click here.

To implement a PAM HA Pair you must use release version 8.2 or above.

NOTE: SHA256 checksum is available to verify the integrity of the download.

Disk space Ensure the internal disk has a minimum of 5GB free disk space.
Licencing A valid license file will be required during the system configuration step. If you don't have a license file contact Osirium.

We also recommend the following:

Prerequisite Description
Configure an SMB share to store Session Recording files. You will need to configure the SMB share configuration followed by the File store setting.
Floating IP address RECOMMENDED
Allocating a floating ip address will allow the ip address to be dynamically assigned to the active PAM Server. This means the user will only need a single ip address when connecting to PAM and not have to switch ip addresses if a failure occurs.