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Deploy using Nutanix Prism Central

The following steps will walk you through the deployment:

  1. Within your existing Nutanix Prism Central infrastructure click Dashboard > Virtual Infrastructure > OVAs.

  2. On the OVAs screen click Upload OVA.

  3. On the Upload screen, select a Cluster and enter a Name based on your preferences and click Upload to browse and select the OVA.

    Upload OVA

  4. Wait while the OVA is uploaded and click Upload.

  5. Select the OVA and click Actions > Deploy as VM.

  6. On the Configuration screen, enter an Name, select a Cluster and click Next.


  7. On the Resources screen, select the Networks Subnet based on your preferences and click Next.


  8. On the Management screen, select Categories and Timezone based on your preferences and click Next.


  9. On the Review screen, verify the details shown and click Launch.


  10. Wait while the virtual appliance is created.

  11. Once the virtual appliance has been created click Dashboard > Virtual Infrastructure > VMs.

  12. The new virtual appliance will be displayed and will be automatically powered on.

  13. Once started, right-click the virtual appliance and select Launch Console. The virtual machine will open in a window on your desktop.

  14. Once the servers have been successfully deployed and powered on the next step is to configure the server.