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HA health check

The Management Interface can provide a summary and availability of a HA Pair by running the ha-status command on either the Primary or Secondary server.

An HA will be marked as OK or Degraded. If the HA is flagged as Degraded, it maybe because of the following:

  • A difference in configuration between the Primary and Secondary servers
  • An issue with the database replication
  • A mismatch in server versions due to only upgrading the Primary server

To view a current overview of a HA Pair:

  1. Within the Management Interface SSH window, at the command prompt type:


  2. Depending on whether you are logged on to the Primary or Secondary server you may see the following information presented when you run command:

    Information presented
    Primary PAM Server Active or Demoted.
    IP address.
    Floating IP address IP address configured as the floating IP address for the HA Pair.
    Secondary PAM Server Standby or Promoted Active.
    IP address.
    - this host Indicates the server you are logged onto.
    High Availability status OK or Degraded.
    SMB share Recommendation message is not configured.
    Warning message if the share is low on disk space. Triggered when the share is 80% full.

    Example: The following shows the overview of a typical BAU HA Pair with an:

    • Active Primary
    • Standby Secondary
    • Floating IP address
    • Host logged onto

    ha-status run on Primary Active Primary overview

    ha-status run on Secondary Standby Secondary overview

An overview of your HA Pair can also be viewed in the Admin Interface > System Configuration > High Availability tab.

High Availability tab