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PAM UI Server installation paths


This guide provides instructions on how to install and configure the PAM UI Server.

From PAM Server v7.2.0 onwards the PAM UI is automatically installed and configured as part of the PAM Server installation, eliminating the need for a separate PAM UI Server install.

However, depending on your deployment model, there may be instances where a separate PAM UI Server is required.

Steps for installing a PAM UI Server

The below diagram provides a high-level overview of the PAM Server UI installation process.

PAM UI Server installation procedure flowchart

Installation procedure for standalone PAM Server

  1. Before starting ensure the prerequisites are met.

  2. The first step will be to deploy the software package into your chosen supported infrastructure. Click on the appropriate link below to be navigated to the deployment steps.


    Deployment onto Nutanix infrastructure is currently not supported.

  3. The final step required is to complete the System configuration to start using the PAM UI Server.