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PPA PPA: Inputs & Outputs


Each plugin uses a set of dictionaries to store data.

These are used by plugin actions as both inputs and outputs.

This page will cover:

  • The dictionaries used in this plugin
  • The information each dictionary contains


See User Interface, Events, & Task for each action's inputs & outputs.

Dictionary Types


ApprovalRequest Keys

url: A unique URL for responding to the request.

uuid: The UUID associated with the approval hook.

request_message: The approval request message.


All ApprovalResponse Keys

approved: Indicates whether the request was approved (either true or false).

responder: The name of the PPA user who responded to the request.

response_comment: Response comment (mandatory if rejected, otherwise optional).


  • Contains email attachment details

All Attachment Keys

name: The name of the file on the task workspace (including the extension).


  • Describes a key to get from the task payload

All PayloadKey Keys

name: The name of the key in the payload.

default_value: An optional default value to use if the key is missing from the payload.


  • Contains submitted date picker information

All TimeStamp Keys

day: The selected day.

month: The selected month.

year: The selected year.

hour: The selected hour.

minute: The selected minute.

second: The submitted second.

timezone: The chosen timezone.

timestamp: The supplied date, time, & UTC offset in ISO-8601 format (yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss+hh:mm).


  • Contains data about a file uploaded using input_file

All UploadedFile Keys

data: File contents.

filename: Original filename.

size: Size of the file in bytes.

type: Content type (if the browser was able to detect it).


  • Contains information about a Vault configured in PPA

All Vault Keys

name: The name of the Vault.

url: The Vault address.

driver: The type of Vault.

expires_at: The date the Vault access token will expire (if applicable).


name: AWS Secrets Manager
driver: aws-secrets-manager
expires_at: 09:33:03 03/02/2022