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cisco_ios_switch Cisco IOS Switch: Overview

Supported Versions

This plugin is for switches running Cisco IOS v15.

Enable Mode

All configuration actions in this plugin accept an optional enable password parameter.

If supplied, the plugin will attempt to enter enable mode before running configure terminal.

The supplied enable password will only be sent if the password prompt is received.

If your device enters enable mode by default, you don't need to supply an enable password.

Supplying Enable Password

Supplying enable_password using a previously saved variable.

- cisco_ios_switch.interfaces.disable:
    port: Gi0/11
    enable_password: enable_password
    cisco_switch: cisco_switch

SSH Sessions

Each action in this plugin runs inside a single SSH session.

Sessions are not maintained between sequential plugin actions.

Automatic Terminal Sizing

All actions in this plugin run the following commands at the start of the session:

  • terminal length 0
  • terminal width 0