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SSH Slack: PPA Integration


This plugin allows you to use the slack API to send messages from a PPA task.

Before using any of the actions in Messages or Channels, you must:

  • Create a new Slack app for PPA
  • Enable the correct channel scopes
  • Add your slack app to the desired channels

New Slack App

Create a new Slack app on this page of their website.

You'll need to:

  1. Supply a name for the app
  2. Select a Slack workspace

Enable Channel Scopes

Once your new app is created, you must add the following scopes to enable all actions:

  1. Navigate to your slack apps homepage
  2. Click on your newly created PPA slack app
  3. Navigate to the OAuth & Permissions tab under the Features heading
  4. Scroll down to the Scopes section and add the following OAuth Scopes:

For more information, see here.

Add App to Channels

In order to interact with a channel using the PPA slack actions, you will need to add the app to the desired channel(s).

  1. Navigate to the desired channel in your slack workspace
  2. Click the information icon in the top right
  3. Click More and then Add apps
  4. Click Add to add the app to the channel

Store Slack App Token

Grab the Slack Bot / App token from the top of the OAuth & Permissions page. Slack Tokens begin with xoxb-

We recommend storing this token somewhere safe, like the Hashicorp Vault shipped with PPA.