SSH Slack: PPA Integration


This plugin allows you to use incoming webhooks in Slack from a PPA task.

Before using any of the actions in Incoming Webhooks, you must:

  • Create a new Slack app for PPA
  • Enable incoming webhooks for that app
  • Generate a webhook URL to use

New Slack App

Create a new Slack app on this page of their website.

You'll need to:

  1. Supply a name for the app
  2. Select a Slack workspace

Enable Incoming Webhooks

Once your new app is created:

  1. Click Incoming Webhooks in the Add features and functionality section

  2. Move the slider over to enable the feature

  3. Click Add New Webhook to Workspace

  4. Select the channel you wish to post messages to from PPA

  5. Click Allow

You'll see a freshly generated webhook URL & an example cURL command for testing.

Store Webhook URL

The generated URL is what you'll supply to each action in Incoming Webhooks.

We recommend storing this URL somewhere safe, like the Hashicorp Vault shipped with PPA.