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Inputs & Outputs


  • Contains Freshdesk agent details

All Agent Keys

id: User ID of the agent.

skill_ids: Skill ids associated with the agent.

group_ids: Group IDs associated with the agent.

role_ids: Role IDs associated with the agent.

available: A boolean that will be set to true if the agent is accepting new tickets.

occasional: A boolean that will be set to true if this is an occasional agent (true => occasional, false => full-time)

ticket_scope: A number that defines the ticket permission of the agent (1 -> Global Access, 2 -> Group Access, 3 -> Restricted Access)

contact: Contact A dictionary that contains contact details of the agent


  • Contains Freshdesk company details

All Company Keys

name: Name of the company.

id: Unique ID of the company.

note: Any specific note about the company.

health_score: The strength of your relationship with the company.

account_tier: Classification based on how much value the company brings to your business.

industry: The industry the company serves in.

description: Description of the company


  • Contains all the contact details of the agent

Contact Keys

active: A boolean that will be set to true if the agent is verified

email: Email address of the agent.

job_title: Job title of the agent.

language: Language of the agent. Default language is "en".

last_login_at: Timestamp of the agent's last successful login.

mobile: Mobile number of the agent.

name: Name of the agent.

phone: Telephone number of the agent.

time_zone: Time zone of the agent.

created_at: Creation timestamp.

updated_at: Timestamp of the last update.


  • Contains Freshdesk connection details

Supplying Credentials

You should always use a PPA Vault integration to provide credentials to a plugin action.


  api_key: [example-api-key]

Required Keys

address: The Freshdesk instance address.

api_key: An API key to access the Freshdesk instance.


  • Contains Freshdesk ticket details

All Ticket Keys

cc_emails: List of email addresses from the 'cc' field of the ticket.

company_id: The ID of the customer in Freshdesk.

custom_fields: Dictionary containing any custom ticket fields & values.

deleted: Boolean that is true if the ticket has been deleted/trashed.

description: HTML content of the ticket.

description_text: Content of the ticket in plain text.

due_by: Timestamp that denotes when the ticket is due to be resolved.

email: Email address of the requester.

group_id: ID of the group to which the ticket has been assigned.

id: Unique ID of the ticket.

is_escalated: A boolean that is set to true if the ticket has been escalated for any reason.

name: Name of the requester.

phone: Phone number of the requester.

priority: Priority of the ticket

product_id: ID of the product to which the ticket is associated

subject: Subject of the ticket