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This guide is for Amazon Web Services.

Installation of PPA should take around 15 minutes.

You will:

  • Create a virtual machine using the PPA base image.
  • Create a security group for PPA.
  • Launch the PPA Virtual machine.


This guide requires an AWS account and console access.

Creating the Virtual Machine

Navigate to the EC2 Dashboard area of your AWS account.

Select Instances, and then Launch Instance. This will open the EC2 Launch Instance dialog.

Choose an AMI

Select AWS marketplace and search for the PPA AMI.

Choose an AMI

Choose an instance type

We recommend the t2.large instance type for proof of concepts and small deployments.

Configure instance

You can use the default settings.

Add storage

Make sure that you add an EBS volume, since this will be used to store user data, allowing you to upgrade to a new version of PPA without losing any data.

We recommend adding an 80GB volume for small deployments.

Add storage

Add Tags

Tags are not required.

Configure security group

Create a new security group with HTTP and SSH access from your secure IP address only.

When PPA first boots up, it will ask you to create a secure admin password, so you must ensure that access is locked down appropriately.

Create a security group

Launching the Virtual Machine

Select Review and Launch, then Launch.

You will be prompted to select an existing key pair or create a new one.


Make sure that you save the private key, or you will not be able to SSH into the machine.

Choose a key pair and select Launch Instance.

Next steps

The next step is configuration.