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An upgrade should take around 5 minutes.

Supported upgrade paths

All appliances must upgrade to v3.1.x before upgrading to versions above v3.1.x.


If an upgrade fails (due to an unsupported upgrade path), you can attach the previous ISO to recover the appliance.


Download Upgrade ISO

Download the latest EFI enabled ISO to your Hyper V host machine:


Power Off Virtual Machine

If the virtual machine is in a powered on state, right-click it and select Shut Down...:

Shut Down Virtual Machine

Wait for the virtual machine to shut down.

Alternatively, from the console type sudo poweroff.

Select New ISO

Right click the virtual machine and select Settings...:

Virtual Machine Settings Menu

Toggle SCSI Controller in the Hardware pane and select DVD Drive:

Settings > DVD Drive

In the DVD Drive pane, click the Browse button under Media and select the previously downloaded EFI enabled PPA ISO.

Click Apply and then Ok.

Power On Virtual Machine

Right-click the virtual machine and select Start:

Start Virtual Machine


Do not detach the ISO from the virtual machine at any point, even after the VM has been deployed.

The ISO contains the system OS, and PPA will break if it is detached.

Initial Setup Complete

PPA will now boot and apply any database migrations automatically.

After a few minutes the new version of PPA will be available. Check the version label on the login screen to confirm.