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This guide is for Azure.

Installation of PPA should take around 15 minutes.

You will:

  • Create a virtual machine using the PPA base image.
  • Create a security group for PPA.
  • Launch the PPA Virtual machine.


This guide requires an Azure account and console access.

Creating the Virtual Machine

Navigate to the Virtual machines area of your Azure account, then select Add to open the Create a virtual machine dialog.


Project and Instance Details

You will need to choose a suitable Subscription, Resource Group, Virtual Machine Name, and Region.

Project details

Then select Browse all public and private images to search for the PPA image in the Azure marketplace.

Choose an Image

Administrator account

Select SSH public key in the Administrator account config section, and copy your public key into the text field.

Provide a Username that you will use to connect via SSH.

Configure SSH


Make sure that you have access to the corresponding private key, or you will not be able to SSH into the machine.


Make sure that you add a data disk of at least 40 GB. This will allow you to upgrade to a new version of PPA without losing data.

Add a data disk


You can use the default settings for networking, except for the security group, and the Public IP address.

Security group

Select Advanced to create a new security group allowing HTTPS and SSH access from your secure IP address only.

Security group rules

Public IP

Make sure that you select Static assignment, since PPA requires a static IP address.


You can use the default settings.


You can use the default settings.


Tags are not required.

Deploying the VM

Then select Review and create, then Create to deploy your PPA appliance.

Next steps

The next step is configuration.